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Accusizer Models

Operating in both fresh and processing applications the Milestone Accusizer has proven to be a practical solution to sizing when accuracy and low maintenance are crucial.  The gentle lifting and turning action is designed for wet or peeled potatoes as well as onions. Available in stainless steel or carbon construction the Accusizer comes in several lengths, widths and configurations.        

Standard Models and Shafts/Capacities:

  • MA (Accusizer) 
    • 6-200/250 cwt/hr, 
    • 7-250/300 cwt/hr
    • 9-300/350 cwt/hr
    • 11-350/400 cwt/hr
    • 13-400/450 cwt/hr
    • 15-450/500 cwt/hr
    • 17-500/550 cwt/hr