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Cutter Models

Since 1961 Milestone has been designing, building, and operating potato seed cutters.  Over 50 years of hard earned experience and global operation has taught us countless lessons and provided the knowledge necessary to make a cutter that not only works but today represents the industry standard.  Never satisfied, we are constantly refining and developing the potato seed cutter to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations.  Our seed cutter is specifically designed to provide a consistent, uniform and blocky seed piece; the key to optimal planter performance and vibrant plant growth.  Offered in numerous sizes and configurations we have a seed cutter to suit your needs.  If you cannot find the ideal machine from our standard offerings, talk to use about designing a custom cutter.  We are always up for a challenge and look forward to working with our customers to provide the best cutter for your operation.  Not only do our cutters benefit from years of experience you can be confident that our representatives will provide competent and knowledgeable support that you cannot get anywhere else.           

Standard Models and Capacities:

  • 84-D (650 cwt/hr, 29 t/hr)
  • 72-D (500 cwt/hr, 23 t/hr)
  • 60-D (400 cwt/hr, 18 t/hr)
  • 48-D (250 cwt/hr, 11 t/hr)
  • 36-D (150 cwt/hr, 7 t/hr)

Custom Potato Seed Cutters:

Our customers’ needs and situations are unique.  Milestone recognizes this fact and as such we offer several configurations and options for our seed cutters.  Our talented and dedicated team is always up for a challenge and welcomes the opportunity to design a truly custom machine to fit your operation.  Let us design the perfect machine for your needs!