Cutters and Treaters

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  • Milestone Hydraulic Quick Adjust Sizer and Milestone Sizing Star

    Milestone Hydraulic Quick Adjust Sizer and Milestone Sizing Star

    The secret to cutting seed is in the sizing. Milestone's quick adjust sizer and sizing star are designed to provide unrivaled sizing accuracy and ease of use. Proper sizing helps ensure a uniform and consistent size seed piece.

    Sizer motion is not affected by debris or contamination.

  • Progressive Rollers

    Progressive Rollers

    Each progressive roller is a continuous pour of urethane with no seam between donuts, eliminating a site for pathogens to settle.

    The unique design of Milestone’s progressive roller provides a stable cutting surface and optimal potato alignment to the blades, all without reducing capacity.

  • Stainless Steel Blades

    Stainless Steel Blades

    Stainless steel blades offer several advantages:

    1. Cleaner cut allowing the seed piece to heal faster so energy is dedicated to growth in the field.
    2. Smoother surface provides a more consistent transition to the horizontal blade.
    3. Increased contamination resistance reduces places for pathogens to take hold.
  • Easy and Accurate Adjustment

    Easy and Accurate Adjustment

    The sizers, coulter blades, and belt speeds can all be effortlessly and accurately adjusted while the cutter is operating. The easier it is to adjust the cutter the more often it will be adjusted, resulting in better quality seed pieces.

  • Ultra-Soft Sponge Drums

    Ultra-Soft Sponge Drums

    Ultra-soft sponge drums are extremely gentle on the seed piece and properly conform around the seed piece for accurate presentation to the horizontal blade. Milestone’s sponge drums are designed and tested for increased durability.

  • Quick Adjust Trim Rollers

    Quick Adjust Trim Rollers

    Standard on 60”, 72”, and 84” models, the quick adjust trim feature provides precise control of trim elimination.

  • Premium Grade Belt

    Premium Grade Belt

    All Milestone Cutters and other machines use premium grade Legg or comparable brand belting. Our premium grade belting significantly improves tracking and is more impervious to rips, tears, and other damage.

  • Belt Lifter

    Belt Breaker

    Easily pry frozen belts free from rails so you can get back to cutting faster.

  • Double Deck Cutting System

    Double Deck Cutting System

    Milestone’s innovative two deck cutting system increases capacity and produces a more consistent sized seed profile.

  • Bruise Protection

    Bruise Protection

    Full width elevator flights, padded/baffled chutes and ultra-soft sponge drums are all gentle on the seed pieces. Even though the potato is being cut it is still important to prevent bruising and damage so the seed dedicates more energy to growth and less energy trying to heal itself.

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  • Ultra-High Grade Pump and Drive

    Ultra-High Grade Pump and Drive

    Milestone understands that your seed potatoes and the product you place on them are valuable. Very precise amounts of product must be applied for optimal effectiveness. As such Milestone’s liquid applicators utilize precise drives and medical grade pumps for extreme accuracy and durability.

  • Stainless Steel Tank

    Stainless Steel Tank

    A 27 or 50 gal stainless steel tank is corrosion resistant and easy to clean.

  • Limit Switch

    Limit Switch

    The limit switch ensures that chemical is only being applied when potatoes are entering the machine. If the flow of potatoes ceases the limit switch will automatically stop the pump from operating.

  • Chemical Agitator

    Chemical Agitator

    A simple, robust paddle mixes the chemical in the stainless steel tank, preventing the chemical from settling.

  • Ultra-High RPM Atomizer

    Ultra-High RPM Atomizer

    The atomizer creates a “mist” inside the barrel effectively covering the seed pieces without utilizing large amounts of chemical.

  • Application Barrel

    Application Barrel

    The barrel efficiently agitates the seed pieces for complete chemical coverage. The unique design of the barrel helps prevent bruise and seed damage.

  • Rapid Pitch Adjustment

    Rapid Pitch Adjustment

    An easy to use ratchet and jack allow the user to rapidly set the liquid applicator for optimal performance.


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Cutting Seed Potatoes, Not Corners! 

Undeniably the industry standard!  Uncompromising attention to detail and over 50 years of hard earned experience has helped us produce the most capable, highest capacity potato cutting system available. Milestone Potato Seed Cutters effectively cut both long and round varieties without the need for costly retooling. Numerous innovations, including the patented Milestone Star, Hydraulic Sizer Quick Adjust, and Milestone Cutting System, ensure a consistent, uniform, and blocky seed piece; the key to optimal planter performance and vibrant plant growth. Several easy to use adjustments can be made while machine is operating to help ensure desired seed profile. 

Milestone potato seed dusters and liquid applicators provide gentle, high capacity and thorough coverage of the potato seed piece.  

All Milestone new and certified rebuilt Potato Seed Cutters and Applicators come with a full one year manufacturer’s warranty and are backed by Milestone’s expert global support network. 



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