Other Equipment

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  • Independent Floating Water Wheels

    Independent Floating Water Wheels

    Fully independent 5 blade water wheels maintain consistent depth and help prevent damage to the unit by floating over obstacles in the field.

  • Ratchet Adjust Gauge Wheels

    Ratchet Adjust Gauge Wheels

    Heavy duty gauge wheels can easily be adjusted for rapid and accurate depth setting.

  • Heavy Duty Construction

    Heavy Duty Construction

    A 4 x 4 steel square tube provides increased strength for reduced flex and maintenance. The entire unit is built with heavy duty components and materials for robust performance.

  • Hardened Steel Water Wheel Points

    Hardened Steel Water Wheel Points

    The points on the water wheel are built to handle the harshest field conditions and provide many hours of reliable service before replacement is necessary.

  • Adjustible 3-Point Hitch

    Adjustible 3-Point Hitch

    Three point hitch for category 2 or 3.

  • Points and Shanks

    Points and Shanks

    A wide variety of points and shanks are available to suit your needs.


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Milestone is more than just Cutters and Sizers. No matter the machine you can expect the same top notch performance and attention to detain that has defined Milestone's equipment since our beginning. Milestone's other offerings include WaterWheels, Even-Flows, Track Tillers and more. Contact your Milestone representative today and ask us about our other unique offerings.


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