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Piler Models

Milestone offers the most diverse Piler line available.  With several unique models/configurations such as Arc, Swing Boom, Utility, Low Profile and the exclusive Hybrid design Milestone has a Piler ideally suited for you operation.  No matter the configuration all Milestone Pilers are designed for ease of use, reliable performance, and low maintenance.  Longest standard boom reach in the industry, minimal boom sway, rechargeable remotes, and segmented carry back rollers for improved tracking are just some of the features that separate Milestone Pilers from the competition. 

Standard Models and Widths:

  • MTSBP (Swing Boom Piler) (30", 36", 42")
  • MATBP (Arc Piler) (30", 36", 42")
  • MHBP (Hybrid Swing/Arc Piler) (30", 36", 42")
  • MTUP (Telescoping Swing Boom Utility Piler) (24")
  • MUP (Utility Piler) (16", 24")

Custom Pilers:

Ask us about custom building your ideal piler.  Milestone has extensive expierance designing and building truly unique pilers.