Sizers and Eliminators

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  • Custom Built

    Custom Built

    Milestone specializes in designing and manufacturing truly custom eliminators / sizers / sorters! Numerous configurations and systems are available to suit our customer’s needs. Milestone welcomes a challenge and we are always eager to work with our customers to design the perfect machine!

  • Milestone Quick Adjust Sizer

    Milestone Quick Adjust Sizer

    Extremely accurate, effortless to adjust and low maintenance! The proprietary design of milestones sizer adjust coupled with the patented milestone Sizing Star deliver accuracy and performance unrivaled by other mechanical sizing systems.

  • Milestone Debris Table

    Milestone Debris Table

    Gentle on potatoes, tough on trash and easy to adjust the Milestone Debris table provides effective rock, clod, and organic debris elimination. Available in standard or Gen II configurations.

  • Rocker Shaker

    Elevator Shaker

    The rocker shaker assists in sifting dirt from the potatoes as well as effectively spreading the flow of potatoes so more of the cleaning and sizing tables are utilized, increasing machine effectiveness.

  • BlendBack


    The BlendBack eliminator/sizer/sorter offers extreme utility in one machine. The unique design of the BlendBack allows users to clean and size or clean and blend, all with one machine.

  • Cross Conveyors

    Cross Conveyors

    Debris and Undersize cross conveyors are reversible and moveable providing convenience and saving time when setting up.

  • Clod Hopper

    Clod Hopper

    The Design and position of the Clod Hopper is gentle on potatoes and provides extremely effective rock and clod elimination. High strength brush and proprietary cleaning shear provide quick and simple cleaning of the drum so it continues to function at peak performance.

  • Inspection Table

    Inspection Table

    Numerous lengths and configurations available to suit the growers needs.

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  • Milestone Gen II Debris Table

    Milestone Gen II Debris Table

    Gentle on potatoes, tough on trash and easy to adjust the Milestone Gen II Debris table provides effective rock, clod, and organic debris elimination. The Gen II Milestone Debris Table offers enhanced control and effectiveness by not only offering the ability to adjust elimination gaps and star speed but also allowing pipe speed to be adjusted independent of the stars.

  • RevAir System

    RevAir System

    The RevAir sets a new standard for organic debris elimination. Several innovative and proprietary features within the RevAir system provide unprecedented organic debris removal without consuming huge amounts of power or draining your bank account. High volume blower, reversing stars and deceleration brush are just some of the innovative features not found on any other eliminator.

  • Bruise Protection

    Bruise Protection

    From the beginning Milestone’s RevAir was designed to be as gentle as possible on potatoes. Low Duromoter Stars, Baffled Drops, and Padded Sides all help make the RevAir tough on debris but gentle on potatoes.

  • Portability


    The RevAir’s small footprint and comparatively low weight makes it ideal for almost any operation where extra debris elimination is needed.

  • Common Tare Conveyor

    Common Tare Conveyor

    All eliminated debris is conveniently accumulated onto a single tare cross conveyor. As with the discharge cross conveyor the tare cross conveyor is reversible and moveable.

  • Easy to Operate

    Easy to Operate

    Easy to use controls allows the user to quickly make adjustments on the RevAir saving the operator time and increasing efficiency.


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Designed, Built and Proven One at a Time!

Leaders in custom designed potato Sizers/Eliminators!  Custom built with a focus on quality, utility, and absolute performance Milestone Sizers/Eliminators offer unmatched capability and value.  Numerous innovations, proprietary systems and unique features ensure effective debris elimination, extremely accurate sizing, efficient sorting and gentle handling of potatoes.  No matter the conditions or requirements Milestone’s dedicated and knowledgeable team welcomes a challenge and looks forward to working with our customers to design the ideal machine for their operation.  All Milestone new and certified rebuilt Sizers/Eliminators come with a full one year manufacturer’s warranty and are backed by Milestone’s expert global support network.  



BLendBack Debris Eliminator/Sizer/Sorter

ClodHopper Stone and Clod Elimination

RevAir Debris Eliminator