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Treater Models

A uniform, blocky and consistent sized seed piece is extremely important, however, just as important is properly treating that seed piece before it is planted.  Since 1978 Milestone has been designing, building, and perfecting the Barrel Seed Applicator to complement our Potato Seed Cutters or for independent operation.  Designed for optimal chemical coverage, high capacity and gentle handling of the seed piece.  Offered in both liquid and dry versions the unique design of Milestone's Seed Applicators are gentle on seed pieces and achieve complete coverage of the seed pieces using less product than competing systems saving you money.    

Standard Models and Capacities:

  • MSBD36 (Potato Seed Barrel Duster) (500 cwt/hr, 22 t/hr)
  • MSBD42 (Potato Seed Barrel Duster) (1000 cwt/hr, 45 t/hr)
  • MSBD52 (Potato Seed Barrel Duster) (1800 cwt/hr, 82 t/hr)
  • MSLT36 (Liquid Seed Treater) (500 cwt/hr, 22 t/hr)
  • MSLT42 (Liquid Seed Treater) (1000 cwt/hr, 45 t/hr)
  • MSLT52 (Liquid Seed Treater) (1800 cwt/hr, 82 t/hr)

Custom Seed Applicators:

Talk to us about designing a custom Potato Seed Apllicator for you.  Numerous options and configurations are avaialbale.